Start Your Day with Jesus and Coffee

In our fast-paced lives, it is important to maintain balance. Work-life balance is a phrase we often hear. It describes the complicated dance between career, personal time, and family. Finding that right balance is important in maintaining our physical and mental health. But there is something missing from this equation. Do you know what it... Continue Reading →

A Pearl of Great Price

This weekend our readings tell us of God’s love and the rewards He has for those who love Him and follows His commands. In the first reading from the First Book of Kings, God visits the young King Soloman in a dream. God wants to reward Soloman and tells him to ask for something he... Continue Reading →

St. Benedict of Nursia

Born in 480, St. Benedict is known as the Father of Western Monasticism. Primarily because of his writing called The Rule or the Rule of St. Benedict. The Rule defines the rhythm of life for those in the monastery. But how can one develop that special relationship with God? This is where The Rule comes... Continue Reading →

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