May, the Month of Mary

May is the month of Mary. For centuries, the Church has devoted the entire month of May as a way to recognize her importance in the faith. After all she demonstrated deep trust and faith in saying yes to become the mother of Jesus. She is a role model for each of us with her... Continue Reading →

St. Joseph the Worker

May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. This is a reminder for all Catholics of the importance and dignity we receive from work. Through work you are able to earn a wage to help support your families with the material necessities of life. There is a personal satisfaction in being able to... Continue Reading →

Encountering Jesus

In the Gospel last Sunday and this Sunday we hear about Jesus appearing to the Apostles. They witness seeing Jesus risen from the dead in His glorified body. Jesus is truly there. He is not an illusion or something imagined. He is really physically there. Last Sunday, Thomas saw and touched Jesus’ wounds. This Sunday... Continue Reading →

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